Brazilian sunberry (Solanum oocarpum Sendtn): Alkaloid composition and improvement of mitochondrial functionality and insulin secretion of INS-1E cells

Chronic high-glucose levels induce the generation of reactive oxygen species leading to mitochondrial dysfunction, which is one of the pathological triggers in the development of diabetes. This study investigated the alkaloid composition of two fruits of the genus Solanum, fruta-do-lobo (Solanum lycocarpum) and juá-açu (Solanum oocarpum), and their capacity to protect against oxidative damage and defective insulin secretion induced by chronic high-glucose levels. LC-MS and molecular network of fruit crude extracts reveals that juá-açu and fruta-do-lobo contain kukoamines and glycoalkaloids, respectively. Two purification processes were used to enrich those alkaloids. Fruta-do-lobo extract rich in glycoalkaloids showed a strong cytotoxicity effect, however the juá-açu enriched extract was able to protect mitochondrial functionality against glucotoxicity and stimulate insulin secretion even under conditions of hyperglycemia. These results are promising and suggest that juá-açu is a potential source of bioactive compounds for adjuvant/co-adjuvant therapy for diabetes.

Ana Paula AparecidaPereira, CelioFernando Figueiredo Angolini, Jane Cristinade Souza-Sporkens, Tomaz Antonioda Silva,HelenaCoutinho Franco de Oliveira,Glaucia MariaPastore,

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